Week 8




Monday – Work day

Tuesday – Start Jurassic Park

ThursdayJurassic Park critique


Monday – Young Employee Safety Contest

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Week 7

Monday –

Film Project – 3-5 minutes

Remember to follow the rules and parameters of the assignment. The finished
project is due MAy 31; however, you will need to begin the stages as soon as
possible and complete each stage in the required time frame.


We will be working
on other projects in class as well, so get your filming done as soon as possible.


Each stage needs to be signed to get full credit.

_____ Stage 1 – CONCEPT – Come up with an idea and explain it to me in
1-2 paragraphs. This stage is due March. 22.

_____ Stage 2 – SCRIPT & STORYBOARD – Write a script for your
project. Your script will include a detailed list of shots, camera angles, titles
and special effects. This script needs to be detailed and well thought out.
When completed with the script compose a detailed working storyboard.
This stage is due April 5.

_____ Stage 3 – FILMING – This is where you will create the finished
product. You may use Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere or other editor. If
you do work at home you must bring in a DVD/CD of your work each week
to show me your progress. You will be working on other projects in class if
you choose to edit at home. This stage is due April 30.

_____ Stage 4 – COMPLETED MOVIE/ EDITING – You need to have
your editing completed and your film ready for the big screen. This stage is
due May 31.

_____ Stage 5 – MOVIE POSTER – Create a movie poster for your movie.
You will need to create it in color. This stage is due June 5.


  • Cameras can be checked out after school and returned before school
    • Please save assignments to the E DRIVE drive on the computer
    • You will need to turn you project in on Youtube and provide a link
    • All films will be shown on the final day of class





Take files from Friday and create an intro video
-Transition between all clips
Use all three clips:
-Clip 1 of someone talking about the weather
-Clip 2 of someone talking about the their favorite sports
-Clip 3 of someone talking about their favorite day of the week
-Music (Copyright and royalty free)
Render and turn in as a .avi file

Film #1 – Complete all of the above
Film #2 – Turn your film into a “remix” and add three clips of each student mixed in order

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

FRIDAY– 1/2 Work Day
Meet in groups
Script Due for Safety Video
Work on storyboard

Watch The Directors – Howard

MUSIC: http://www.FreeMusicArchive.org


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Week 6

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Room 250 Project





Talk about film project big


Start The Rookie

Wednesday – Film Vocab Terms (Google Classroom)
Talk about film project big

Friday –
Ideas – Meet with Mr. Eriksen

Makeup work


Young Employee Safety Film Contest – What is it?
Examples – 
Young Employee Safety Film Contest

By the end of the period you should have an idea of what your Safety is going to be on. You should be starting your script on scriptbuddy.com.

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Week 5

250 Assignment in R Drive



Monday -Watch

Film ideas brainstorming –
Get in groups of 2 or 3 and brainstorm for 15 minutes

Finish projects

Wednesday –
-Finish and turn in the project – 30 minutes
-Individual ideas – Turn in on Google Classroom -30 minutes (10 each)

Talk about OYES Contest

Friday – Film Ideas due

Camera use and practice –
*Check out slip – ON Google Classroom

Film 10-20 seconds about someone talking about the weather
Film 10-20 seconds about someone talking about their favorite sports
Film 10-20 seconds about someone talking about their favorite day of the week

*Take out the card and upload your files to E drive.





Talk about OYES Contest


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Week 4


adobe InDesign intro
Career Tree

Practice Assignment from Week 3

If you were absent of need a refresher : Premiere Practice

Room 250 assignment-Files are in R drive-
Part 1 – 60 seconds
Part 2 – 30 seconds
Part 3 – 10 seconds
Use Adobe Premiere Premiere Pro

Make sure that all of your clips that are laying horizontal are rotated 90 degrees.
-Click on the clip you want to rotate
-Click on Effect Controls tab (Top left)
-Click on MOTION arrow
-Go to ROTATION and slide it to 90 degrees

Save as an .mp4 files and turn in to Google Classroom 

Finish up Parts 1-3

Part 4 – Add a Crawl
 – Title
– New Title
– Default Crawl
– Name/OK
– Add a crawl on top of your video
Save as an .mp4 file and turn in to Google Classroom

OYES Safety Film Contest


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Week 3

E DRIVE Setup – (Create a folder in E drive)

Sign up for: ScriptBuddy.com
Write a one page script and print it out – Make sure you print it in a .pdf file

https://www.celtx.com/index.html – Check this out


Intro to Adobe Premiere


Adobe Premiere Introduction – Practice Assignment  –
First download files to your E Drive


Practice Assignment

Look at possible film competitions:
http://www.makesilentfilm.com/ -Submission Deadline: April 15, 2016
http://www.oregonindependentfilmfest.com/students.html – Jan 14 
http://www.artandwriting.org/the-awards/categories/#Film –

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Week 2


Film Web Search



Film History – DVD


The Princess Bride script



storyboard word

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