Week 12

  • Safety Film Due : December 4th (100 points)
  • Big Film Filming due December 17th
  • Big Film Due: Jan. 9th

Safey Film Forms

MondayWork Day (Meet with ALL groups on BIG project)

Work Week for Safety Film (Must have filming to work on for Safety Film)
Questions about music :
1- What music will you be adding to your film?
2- Where will you get your music (NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC)
3- Can you create your own music – What program?
4- Check out these sites and come up with six different titles of music that you will consider for your film.
Do this in Word – TURN IT IN TO THE R DRIVE IN THE TURN IN BOX – Due Today

Wednesday – Start Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Friday – Finish Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Film Critique



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Week 11

Starbucks SKPS

Pixar In A Box


Work Week

Wednesday – Work day – edit
Monday – Meet with ALL groups work

Friday – Work day editing

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Week 10

Monday – Start A Beautiful Mind

Wednesday – Finish ABM

Friday – Start Big Project

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Week 9

Monday –




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Week 9

Monday – Work on Big Project

Work on film
Start movie

Thursday –
Finish movie
Write critique


group sheet

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Week 8




Monday – Work day

Tuesday – Start Jurassic Park

ThursdayJurassic Park critique


Monday – Young Employee Safety Contest

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Week 7

Monday –
Adobe Premiere Rush

Film Project – 3-5 minutes

Remember to follow the rules and parameters of the assignment. The finished
project is due Jan. 10; however, you will need to begin the stages as soon as
possible and complete each stage in the required time frame.

We will be working
on other projects in class as well, so get your filming done as soon as possible.

Each stage needs to be signed to get full credit.

_____ Stage 1 – CONCEPT – Come up with an idea and explain it to me in
1-2 paragraphs. This stage is due Oct. 25.

_____ Stage 2 – SCRIPT & STORYBOARD – Write a script for your
project. Your script will include a detailed list of shots, camera angles, titles
and special effects. This script needs to be detailed and well thought out.
When completed with the script compose a detailed working storyboard.
This stage is due Nov. 18.

_____ Stage 3 – FILMING – This is where you will create the finished
product. You may use Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere or other editor. If
you do work at home you must bring in a DVD/CD of your work each week
to show me your progress. You will be working on other projects in class if
you choose to edit at home. This stage is due Dec. 20.

_____ Stage 4 – COMPLETED MOVIE/ EDITING – You need to have
your editing completed and your film ready for the big screen. This stage is
due Jan 10.

_____ Stage 5 – MOVIE POSTER – Create a movie poster for your movie.
You will need to create it in color. This stage is due Jan 17.


  • Cameras can be checked out after school and returned before school
    • Please save assignments to the EXTRA DRIVE drive on the computer
    • You will need to turn you project in on Youtube and provide a link
    • All films will be shown on the final day of class – link must stay active until grades are received.




Take files from Friday and create an intro video
-Transition between all clips
Use all three clips:
-Clip 1 of someone talking about the weather
-Clip 2 of someone talking about the their favorite sports
-Clip 3 of someone talking about their favorite day of the week
-Music (Copyright and royalty free)
Render and turn in as a .avi file

Film #1 – Complete all of the above
Film #2 – Turn your film into a “remix” and add three clips of each student mixed in order

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.



Meet in groups
Script Due for Safety Video
Work on storyboard

Watch The Directors – Howard

MUSIC: http://www.FreeMusicArchive.org


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